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   Maintaining freedom from active addiction is a very fragile matter and can often be shattered by reasons that are unknown. 
    Individuals facing this problem are often times influenced by situations and people in their current environment. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and secure center free of all chemical influences and negative thought patterns. 
     Tender Loving Mercy provides each individual with the tools and a system they can use to live a clean and fulfilling lifestyle. 



At Tender Loving Mercy we understand the struggle that addiction causes in every aspect of an individual's life as well as the lives of their loved ones. When a client first enters our facilities, they will be welcomed by our experienced counseling staff  who will  begin to evaluate their individual needs. 

    We understand that no two individuals and no two addictions are the same, so having a    treatment plan tailored to the individual and their specific addiction will make certain that the distinctive issues that have led to their addiction are dealt with as well as the symptoms. 

Counseling Services Offered
Phone: (760) 757-7833 
Tender Loving Mercy
     Tender loving mercy offers chemical dependency treatment to adults who abuse or are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications or illegal drugs. Tender loving mercy's continuum of addiction treatment care includes intensive outpatient treatment programs, followed by individualized continuing care programs to maintain recovery. Length of treatment is based on each client's needs.

     In addition to treating people's chemical dependency, Tender Loving Mercy has special community resources helping them address any coexisting mental health conditions, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Tender Loving Mercy focuses on treating the whole person.

     The highly trained team specialist's in Addiction Services have many years of experience in helping people overcome chemical dependency. Tender loving mercy maintains a ratio of one counselor for every three clients to ensure that clients receive the attention needed to accomplish their goals.

Tender Loving Mercy