TLM Sober Living has 8 Sober Living Homes that provide a safe, supportive drug/alcohol free environment for continuing abstinence from addiction and alcoholism. TLM Sober living promotes and advocates the maintenance of the tools learned by individuals from their treatment programs.  12 step social model based governing the environment and not the individuals.

    TLM Sober Living has highly trained, professional, compassionate staff members who are experienced in the recovery process.
TLM Sober Living is available to assist with the following:

  • Medication management (Lock Boxes required)
  • Referral to a vast network of community resources 
  • Court Liaison Services  
  • Scheduled Transportation
  • Clothing (Laundry access)
  • Meals provided (As needed)

     Participants must stay active in recovery activities and it is required that three 12 step-related meetings are attended each week and that each participant acquires an 12-step self help sponsor or temporary sponsor within 15 days of entering our sober living environments.
     Participants agree to random urinalysis & breathalyzer tests as part of participation and must follow housing curfew requirements. All participants are required to attend a monthly House Meeting to discuss any house issues.
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 Tender Loving Mercy    1907 Apple Street Oceanside, California 92054   Ph:  (760) 757-7833 / Ph: (760) 433-4028
Tender Loving Mercy
     Sober living environments are absolutely instrumental in the addiction recovery process. It’s a truth often overlooked by drug rehabilitation centers: Sobriety is a lifelong process and drug rehabilitation should not be limited to drug treatment centers. On the contrary, successful rehab is that which provides for the long-term health of rehabilitation participants. Sober living facilities are vital way stations on the road to recovery, especially in helping ease the transition from primary drug treatment to successful independence.

TLM Sober Living
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