The passage to healing the pain from drug addiction starts the moment a person chooses to ask for help and seek
 out support from others. Our staff appreciates that this transition must be as unproblematic for the person as possible.

     Once the person is at ease and comfortable, they are taken on a full tour of the facility to become more familiar with were they will be spending their time to attempt recovery. 

     Tender Loving Mercy welcomes you and respects your courage. Unfortunately, there are many people that suffer and never have the strength to seek help. Congratulations.... you have begun your journey to recovery.

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     When they arrive, each person will have an individual interview and assessment with one of our professional team members. Via this interview, we will be able to determine the client's specific needs and the best method of treatment. 
     We understand that no two clients are the same, so it is important to us to assess individual needs and then devise a healing program based on those needs. At this time, any questions or concerns the client has may be addressed and answered. Family and friends that make up the support system who will be participating in the client's recovery process is welcome to be present following a screening process and proper education on HIPPA, Title 42&43 CFR federal regulations. 

Tender Loving Mercy