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Tender Loving Mercy
Donor Resources

     We believe that all alcoholics, drug addicts and family members in need of Tender Loving Mercy's services deserve our compassionate treatment. Some families are fortunate to have the financial means to fund treatment, while others do not. We make every effort to assist those in need who do not have financial means or insurance to cover treatment. Many clients and family members receive assistance from the generous donations we recieve, and they are always exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to get the help for alcoholism or drug addiction treatment they so desperately need. 

     There are many ways to help Tender Loving Mercy continue to change lives for those with addictions. We sincerely appreciate any and all gifts, and recognize that your donation is your vote of confidence in the addiction treatment and recovery work we do.

Make a donation to support our mission.

     The sections below offer more detail and explanation of ways to give, to be used as aides when deciding on a donation method. No content on this website is intended to replace legal council, and we encourage you to consult an attorney or legal planner for advice. 

Please call our Development Department at 760-757-7833 for more information or clarification of any donation-related issues.

Tribute/Memorial gifts
     A tribute gift is a wonderful way to celebrate someone in recovery, thank a person who supports Tender Loving Mercy's mission, honor a special person in your life or remember a loved one who passed away with a gift that helps advance addiction treatment.  

     If you prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept completely confidential. If you have any other specific requests for a bequest, please contact the Development Department at 760-757-7833 for assistance.

Unrestricted vs. Designated gifts
     Any donation, either immediate or planned, to the annual or general fund can either unrestricted or designated. Unrestricted donations are used in whatever area of the organization that the Tender Loving Mercy leadership team determines is most in need of funding. These donations can be extremely useful, as the areas of the organization in greatest need are able to receive the funding to support our mission. 

     Designated gifts are those that are donated to the annual fund and earmarked for use in a specific program of your choice.  The programs are: 

     All donations are utilized with mindfulness to our ultimate goal of lifelong recovery and healing for suffering alcoholics, other substance addictions and families we treat.

Donations Accepted Through JustGive.Org.