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Drug Addiction



  Tender Loving Mercy    1907 Apple Street Oceanside, California 92054   Ph:  (760) 757-7833 / Ph: (760) 433-4028
     With a full complement of highly experienced staff, including therapists and counselors who are experts in the treatment of addiction disorders, Tender Loving Mercy offers unparalleled drug rehab programs. Drug addiction is treated at both the physical and psychological levels using programs that are personalized for each patient. 

     Every Tender Loving Mercy patient is assigned to a primary therapist who personally monitors their progress and adjusts his or her treatment program to obtain the best results. We offer programs that assist patients in returning to active life and ensure continued success with after-care measures as well as providing counseling to families.

     The critical ingredient missing from most treatment centers is a personalized program designed for you by highly experienced professionals with a proven track record of helping people beat their addictions.

     Drug rehab is the proven method to beating drug addiction, but rehab has to be done correctly, or you may as well be throwing away your time and money. Effective drug rehab requires intervention, qualified treatment that deals with both the addiction itself and its underlying causes, an emphasis on individual counseling with experts who understand what you are going through and facilities that ensure comfort and privacy.

     Calling Tender Loving Mercy about our proven drug rehab program is the first step to conquering drug addiction, whether it be for yourself or on behalf of someone you love. Breaking a drug addiction is the only way to reclaim your life. Think of what you have to gain: your health, your family and friends and control over your life.
Tender Loving Mercy