Alcohol Addiction
What is Tender Loving Mercy's alcohol rehab program and why does it have such a high success rate?
The alcohol rehabilitation program at Tender Loving Mercy offers hope for alcoholics and their families. Our staff draws upon a wealth of experience in successfully treating alcohol dependency, using group, family and individualized psychological/emotional therapy 

     Our residents are comfortable, relaxed, healthy and worry-free during their stay, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. When treatment is completed, an after-care program is provided to prevent sliding back into old habits and we also offer counseling and services for family members.

What can Tender Loving Mercy do to help you overcome your alcohol dependency?                                         

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     Tender Loving Mercy can empower you to overcome your alcoholism. We’re on top of all the programs and methods out there and we know what works and what doesn’t. Our therapists and counselors are experts in the treatment of addictions and have successfully treated people for alcohol dependencies for years; they understand what you’re going through and will spend the time needed to make your stay a successful one.
     We have the staff, the programs, the facilities and the experience.
If you or a loved one suffers from an alcohol dependency, seeking out treatment is the biggest and most important decision you can make. 
    You can beat your addiction and concentrate on regaining what you may have lost as a result of it.Get sober,improving your health, get your career on track and take back your life.

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