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Eating Disorders

     No two patients are alike. Although many of the needs of eating disorder patients are the same, individualized treatment planning is crucial to recovery. Each patient is assigned a primary therapist to assess progress, provide support and offer one-on-one therapy. 

Tender Loving Mercy believes health and growth occur through connection and support. Peer support through group therapy provides this connection. In addition to a daily process group, behavioral modification groups address issues such as self-esteem, body image, assertiveness skill building, relapse prevention and a smooth transition back into the community. 

Therapeutic meals are part of each day and a tailored meal plan is prepared for each patient by Tender Loving Mercy's nutritional therapist. In addition, pre-meal and post-meal stress reduction and symptom management are an inclusive part of the program. 
         Recovery means rebuilding trust with ourselves and others, taking careful risks to learn what is safe and good for us. As we practice careful self-honesty and self-disclosure we regain perspective. Perspective enables us to see our options and make careful, responsible choices in our lives. As we learn careful self-expression, we regain lost authenticity, peace and power. 

     The process is usually gradual and halting. New attitudes and behaviors are alien, and it is hard to feel safe and keep perspective. It is hard to remember we are aiming for balance, not perfection. It is very important for us to claim our successes in achieving balance and attaining perspective, in identifying our needs and in developing more resilient relationships with ourselves, with others and with food.
The Eating Disorder Foundation
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